rebecca brennan-brown in lavender field

This post started as an Instagram pic, and you guys loved it. It’s one of the most highly engaged posts I’ve ever put up, so here’s the extended version…

Ever since I was very young, I knew that eventually I would end up owning my own business. To the untrained eye, it may look like I left my job on the 31st of May, and started this biz two weeks later, but in reality this has been brewing for years. I’ve had years of saving pictures of events, years of practice designing some good, and some not so good websites, and years of time to think about what I wanted the brand to look like, feel like, and resemble.

Eventually, I got to the point where I was getting so frustrated in my job. I found myself getting irritated at how difficult it was to find people who could plan a logistically well thought through event, and simultaneously produce a well considered design. I felt, and still feel, the events industry is largely inefficient, and lacks creativity without spending money which could literally buy a house.

I feel like I can genuinely help people and contribute to their lives in a positive way. That sentence feels a bit ridiculous and sounds like something a doctor or therapist would say. But I’ve spent nearly a decade learning the dos and don’ts, and knew that I could share that experience to help other people. If you’re a lawyer, how can you ever be expected to know the first thing about how to style a dinner table? I don’t know the first thing about intellectual property law…

I love the feeling of having actually genuinely made someone’s life a bit better. Something which is by no means tied to money. Some of the most satisfying moments of my career have been messages from people who listen to The Wedding People, and have had a moment of joy, revelation, or feeling supported. That good shit makes all the bad shit worth it.

I wanted to start a more authentic business, somewhere I couldn’t really hide behind a brand. Somewhere I can say what I like on an Instagram post without anyone disapproving. Sometimes when working for corporate companies, you get pushed into a box. You have to act a certain way, pretend to have a certain lifestyle, and behave in a way to gain “acceptance” and “respect”. I write both those words in speech marks as the irony of it is that no one really respects anyone, because it’s rare anyone is being honest. I grew tired of it. I grew tired of having to play a part which wasn’t me, when really I just wanted to swear on an Instagram post. It adds colour to our palate, as my Mum would say.

The actual job itself? Well, I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m quite dyslexic, so writing posts like this are really hard for me, but ask me to pull three colours which go together, no bother. I think I’m wired in a certain way that makes event planning come naturally to me, but that is not to be confused with easily. My job isn’t rocket science. You know those videos where someone has set up hundreds and hundreds of dominos in all a line, then they hit one over, and they all fall? It doesn’t ever work if one of the pieces are out of line. That’s effectively what I do, gather dominos and put them all in a line, so that the end result flows.

Side note: How cool would that job be if I was talking about the pizza?

But really, it all stems back to just knowing in my gut that this was my calling. I have incredibly supportive people around me. My Dad, who is also my mentor (please don’t start charging me), built and sold a business. Maybe that means its always been in my blood, or maybe it just means I’ve always had good influences close by. I have a lot of cheerleaders in my life, and ultimately, I wouldn’t do this is it wasn’t fun!


Love Rebecca x