Annnnd we’re live. Actually, we went live on the 6th of June, I’ve just been bloody busy.

Launching this business baby has been an extremely anxiety inducing experience. I’ve had what Brene Brown would call a “vulnerability hangover from hell”, after sharing what I’ve spent a lot of my life dreaming up. Each time I’ve shared a post on my social medias (I did them bit by bit), I’ve ignored that platform for around 24 hours. I should have learnt from history by the time I got to LinkedIn that everyone would be incredibly supportive and full of well wishes.

This isn’t my first rodeo, I previously partnered in an events business, so I thought I’d been here and got the t-shirt. Turns out, when it’s something you’ve created all by yourself from scratch, the feelings are so much more intense. I’ve listened to business podcasts for years, and I know understand the lowest lows they talk about.

The complete 360 to this however, is the highest highs. Doing a job I love, making my own decisions, simple things like creating my own templates. It’s all filling me with so much joy. This business wasn’t thought of overnight, it’s been a good 5 years (at least) of thinking about branding, cultivating the correct skills, and finding what my style is. The rush of confirming a client, and the satisfaction of receiving those emails isn’t really comparable to anything else in my career before now. I’ve learnt to ride on the positivity of those confirmations, before the enviable money worries kick in! I’m already understanding the importance of trusting my gut, but also not letting myself confuse gut feeling with self doubt. Sometimes a tricky line to find.

Since launch, I’ve booked in six weddings and two corporate events. I am honestly SHOCK by that number, but I guess I’m doing something right. They’re not even boring! Each one is so entirely different, my portfolio is going to be something crazy by the end of 2020. I work really hard, and really want this to work, so I’m thankful that it’s going well so far. My money worries are that money will be the reason I have to stop doing this, and I reaallllyyyy don’t want that to happen.

Even in these first two weeks, this has been the best experience.

I wrote this post because I feel that often the event industry is guilty of only posting the shiny, finished product, rather than the actual process of getting there. Anyone in this business knows that most of the time, it’s not shiny. It’s picking up cigarette butts at 3am so the venue don’t kill you. (I’ve done that). I think we’re doing the next generation of event planners and wedding co-ordinators a disservice by not showing the real deal.

*Disclaimer: I am writing this post at 11.38pm, as my beloved dog Treacle has just got SO scared of the thunder and lightning, and is going to need pats for the next hour at least.*

Love Rebecca x