Wedding People Podcast


What is the Wedding People?

'The Wedding People' is a podcast for couples who are getting married and might need a helping hand, new ideas, or just simply comfort that they are not alone!

Join Rianna and Rebecca, two wedding planners based in London, UK, as they chat about each element of planning your own wedding, offering tips and tricks as well as useful insight into wedding planner secrets.


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Check out the website for show notes, and more information.


Rebecca Brennan-Brown Podcast Host

The Wedding People is a talk show Podcast hosted by Rebecca Brennan-Brown and Rianna Elizabeth.

Every two weeks, an episode is released which gives Brides and Grooms some straight forward advice on planning their wedding. As Rianna and Rebecca are two very experienced planners, they share their knowledge and aim to give listeners tangible, realistic tips and advice.

Rianna is also currently planning her own wedding, so knows exactly how the listeners feel first hand. Episodes are often focussed on Rianna's own experience and issues she has come across.

Rianna and Rebecca have worked together for a number of years, although only at the same company for a few months. Having built a strong friendship, they both enjoy hosting the podcast greatly, and still speak every day on the phone!

Rianna is obsessed with all things stationery, has an expert eye for design, and is an instagram pro.

Rebecca is a logistical genius, good with a computer, and always out for the best deal.


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