It’s important we all do our bit toward fighting this virus. It’s so important that we all stay at home as much as we can, but I fully appreciate that can be boring as hell. Here are some of my favourite films and TV shows to get you through.


The Simpsons Movie

Sorry not sorry. One of the best films ever in my opinion. I had a blast watching this. It’s on Disney Plus.


Tiger King

I know everyone is talking about Tiger King right now, but it’s just that good. We watched all 7 episodes in about a day and a half, it’s gripping. I have no idea what to even write as a synopsis, but think of something mental, then double it, and you’re halfway there.


Wild Wild Country

Can you tell I like cult documentaries? This one is about a Guru who sets up a cult in Oregon, and everything that happens surround it. Again, it’s totally shocking. This one is a little slower to start but stick with it.


Zero Days

Ok pre-warning, this is intense. It’s about a mad powerful computer virus that was released, and we still don’t know for sure by who. It’s a bit political, so not one for a lazy Sunday, but definitely worth watching. It’s only on YouTube at the moment, you can watch it here.


Queer Eye

I had to break up these hardcore documentaries with something more light-hearted. Tan, JVN, Karamo, Bobby, and Antoni are my favourite people in the world, and I want them to be my friends. I challenge you to watch this and not fall in love with Antoni. The Fab Five travel around America giving people life makeovers. It will have you laughing and crying within an hour.


Love is Blind

This is perfect for lazy Sunday watching. I’ll be completely honest, it’s utter shite. Total brain rot TV, but I loved it. It’s about couples who have to propose before they see each other. Sometimes it’s a little far-fetched, but if you want something that doesn’t take up too much attention give this a go.


Sex Education

Simply funny. I have no idea where it’s set but I want to live in that time. Sex Education follows a group of teenagers through all the things teenagers have to deal with. It’s a good’un.


Rip up the Road

This documentary follows Foals on a world tour, and give you an insight into their lives and personalities in a way that hasn’t really been seen before. It’s been really well-reviewed. I really like Foals so you couldn’t go too far wrong with me…



I was listening to Sharon Horgan on Dolly Alderton’s Podcast the other day and I have re-instated my love for her. She said when she was writing Catastrophe, she wanted it to be real. They’ve certainly achieved that! This blinder of a series is available on All4, and there are 6 seasons to keep you going.


Enjoy and stay safe! xx

Love Rebecca x