anti-cringe planning

the process

No matter where you look, you’ll see different information on timelines, schedules and to dos. 

Everything we do is run through your own personalised online portal which contains all the documents, guides, and information we need. We walk you through each step, making sure the right things are done at the right times, and nothing is forgotten.

Instead of having a one size fits all system, Rebecca designed a processes which work around you. Busy at work? We’ll chat in the evenings. Need a break? Fine with us. Feeling confused? We’ll talk it through.

Based outside the UK?

No sweat. Over 40% of our clients are, and I’ve got systems to help with that.

so how does it all work?

the planning

We provide each of our couples with their own personalised online portal. In your portal, you’ll find a master to-do list. It ranges from big things like finding a venue, to small things like place cards. 

We prompt you at each stage, either via a call or meet up, and find out what you like and don’t like. Then, we present suppliers to you in groups of threes.

Either you like one, or you’re not sure. In which case, we keep going until we find the right people or product for you.

Your portal is always up to date, so you can jump in at any time and see what we’re working on.

how we know if we’ve done well…

my sign of success

Don’t get me wrong, seeing everything I’ve spent years planning is extremely satisfying. And so is bringing together a tables cape that’s just right. 

But my biggest sign of success is seeing people having fun. That’s way more for filling for me. Dancing on tables is strongly encouraged here. 

a note from our founder…

working with you

I set up this business because I like to plan weddings in a very collaborative way. I’m here to advise, not dictate. It’s extremely important to me that everything is as fun and exciting as possible. 

From suppliers, to budgets to design and styling, I can help you with it all. 

organised, but never pretentious 

design & styling

If you’ve seen our instagram, you’ll know our founder Rebecca loves designing and styling, which started from when she studied Art & Design at UCA. 

If you’re not a visual or creative person, its difficult to know what to do to make everything look amazing. Or perhaps you are visual, but you’re not sure how to make your vision come to life. 

And why would you know the table linen suppliers in London! We don’t know how to do your job, so why would you know how to do mine?!

We work with my couples to create design guides they love. Sometimes people have an idea of what they want, and sometimes they have no clue. Either is fine, we can work together to find what makes you excited.

budgeting, negotiation and value for money

staying on budget

As a wedding planner in London, we’ve had to learn how to stay on budget. How are you supposed to know how much a photographer costs? We work with our couples to create an outline budget, and help you stick to it thought your planning. 

Negotiation and getting the best value can sometimes feel intimidating, but we’ve been doing this long enough to know what you do and don’t need and how to address situations.

We always present a minimum of three different suppliers for each category (florist, photographer, caterer etc) so you’re ultimately always in control.

follow my instagram…

Ever wondered what life as a wedding planner in London is like? Well, our instagram should give you a pretty good idea. 


sound like you?

our people

We work best with couples who are looking for fun, relaxed and non-traditional weddings. Normally they’re style conscious, but believe not the be all and end all. The most important thing is that people have a good time, everything runs smoothly, and it’s a hell of a party. 

if you only read one thing on this page, read this

most importantly…

My main motivator in life is fun. I try to make everything as enjoyable as possible, even the boring things like reading contracts.

If you take anything from this page, you should know that in every way I can I will do my best to make this process exciting and enjoyable for you.

You’re getting married, and everything about that should be fun.

Rebecca x

join the club

The Club is a space which I use to share wedding planning tips and advice on an adhoc basis.
From styling how too to anti-cringe first dance songs, it’s packed full of advice.

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