For anyone who cares, on Saturday I cycled from Aylesford to Barming and it was SO much fun. I love cycling, and I also think it’s important to get out of the house and exercise safely (ie away from other people) while we still can.

This is a super easy ride. It’s along the river so dead flat. I parked at this carpark in Aylesford, and then followed the river along. It will well signposted, and most of the path is concrete, so if you’re looking for a smooth easy-going trip this should definitely be considered.

The endpoint is somewhere around Kettle Bridge, I’m not exactly sure whereas I forgot to start my Map My Ride app. The route is 6.3 miles each way, so a good 12.6-mile round trip.

The path follows the river the whole way along, so be careful if it has been raining a lot as the river often overflows. It goes through a mix of residential areas, large open fields, beautiful old bridges, and locks. There’s plenty to see to stay entertained, 10/10 trip.

Highly recommend a cup of tea and biscuits for the halfway point.


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