I’m not sure if I believe in Wedding Fayres. For me personally, I think they’re too broad, and my kinda people are hard to find. However, when the opportunity came up to exhibit at The Quirky Wedding Fayre at Longton Wood, I thought it would be a good occasion to loose my wedding fayre virginity.

Longton Wood

I’ve admired Longton Wood from afar for a while. As a venue, it’s remoteness and untouched landscapes are right up my street. I’ve always seen pictures on Instagram of the spectacular boho weddings which happen there every summer, and naturally wanted to be a part of it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you should be able to pick up that my style is very indie/festival/natural, something which I think works well in a woodland. When thinking of designs for the show I didn’t want to stray too far from my normal style, so started gathering inspiration. I had to choose one look and focuss on it, rather than exhibiting several styles I like, simply because they clash! Bright colours next to dried flowers is a bit of a nono in my book.

The Design

To showcase what I do in a 6ft by 6ft square is hard. The most value from my services comes from looking after everyone else who was in the bell tent exhibiting, not just the styling. I decided to create a wedding set up rather than just a table, and as always my first port of call was the other half of my brain Hedges and Flowers. She sent me back the below pic straight away which confirmed that as always, we were on the exact same wave length.

I hired some beauties from The Little Wedding Warehouse, including a vintage table and wooden folding chairs. Then, I set about creating three different tablescapes which would work with the environement of Longton wood. I decided natural tones was definetly the right way to go, but I wanted to make things which were a bit quirky and different so people could see what’s possible.

Creating the Arch

Once everything was together, it still felt a bit flat. I looked into hiring an arch for Elise to flower, but couldn’t find anything which worked with the vision I had in my head. Whilst discussing with my partner Fraser in a put one evening, we started sketching ideas onto a napkin (cliché, but true). By the end of the evening, we had a semi feasible plan of how to create a copper arch. The next day I went out to buy the materials, and less than 48 hours later I had the arch which I envisioned. It was also half the price to buy and make it from scratch!

The final hires included two large peacock chairs, very on trend and completely fitting in the style of the stand. I can imagine these chairs as the head of the table at a Longton Wood wedding, so decided it would be silly not to get them. I hired a vintage faded rug with similar warm colours to the tables to create a more homely vibe. Lastly, we bought every woven or wicker item we could find. We had all sorts of baskets, lamp shades and vesstles to include on our stand to further highlight the use of natural materials.

Due to a few last minute changes beyond our control, we unfortunately couldn’t carry out the look we were initially going for, but I was happy with out outcome none the less. We created a welcoming space, full of texture and depth, which was quite frankly like something from a boho dream.

With thanks to:

Lily Jones | Event Organiser
Longton Wood | Venue
The Little Wedding Warehouse | Furniture Hire
Linen & Stripes | Linen
WeddingLux | Acrylic Stationery
Babooche Caligraphy | Hand made stationery
Hedges & Flowers | Florist


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Love Rebecca x

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