Pinterest properly for your wedding

How do you feel about Pinterest? Do you find it inspiring, but overwhelming? Confusing but addicting? Messy but b e a utiful? Well speaking from experience of working with many couples, so do most people.

Using Pinterest properly for your wedding is assumed knowledge. No one really tells you how to, you’re just sort of thrown in. So here I am to tell you how to use Pinterest properly for your wedding to take your boards from messy, confusing and overwhelming, to organised inspiring and dribble worthy.


Don’t expect to find the right image straight away.

Life would be so much easier if we found the right one right away, right? (That’s a lot of rights). But just like everything else, Pinterest can take some searching.

Pinterest is a universe. It learns your taste, but you have to teach it. There are definitely parts of Pinterest you won’t have even seen, they’re all woven deep in a spiders web of beautiful images.

The best way to unpick that spiders web is to be open to its suggestions. For example, say you’re looking for wedding dress inspo. You’re unlikely to find your perfect dress on the first screen. But you might see one with a low back which you like. Click that, and scroll down. Pinterest will show you similar images.

That might lead you to low back dresses made from silk, which will lead you to low back silk dresses with chunky heels. Explore by scrolling AND clicking, you’ll find much more fruitful results.


“Wedding Tablescape” Search on Pinterest

Use really niche search terms

Boho wedding tablescape autumnal rust

“Boho wedding tablescape autumnal rust” Pinterest Search.

My second tip for using Pinterest properly for your wedding is tied to the first. Using the previous example again, if you know you want a silk wedding dress, search for that. If you search for wedding dress inspo, you’re going to be shown a whole host of random content which might not be relevant to you.

Get specific with your search terms. Use seasons, colours, materials, and styles to get to those phenomenal images quicker. For example, instead of searching for “wedding tablescape”, search “Boho wedding tablescape autumnal rust”. I’ve put pictures of the results below, you see my point!


The notes section is underrated.

One of the most significant benefits of having a Pinterest wedding board is that you can share it with your suppliers. Sharing your board will help them understand the look and feel you’re trying to create.

However, in my experience, I’ve learnt that images often need to be accompanied by some notes. Once, I pinned some pictures of bouquets and sent the board to the florist with no notes. When we spoke about it, we realised we were both looking at different parts of the images. Some I’d saved for shape, some I’d saved for colour, but I hadn’t clarified which was which.

Since then, I’ve used the notes section to add a few thoughts to explain my pins. You can find the notes button at the top of your board in the centre next to the shop, more ideas, and organise buttons.


Get the chrome extension.

I don’t know about you guys, but as well as saving images to Pinterest, I save ideas on Instagram. It used to really frustrate me to have pictures in separate places as I could never remember what one was where.

That’s where the Pinterest Chrome extension comes to play. It might sound scary, but I promise it’s straightforward. The extension allows you to pin images straight from external websites like Instagram, blogs, anything. With this installed, you can seamlessly blend your Pinterest board and your Instagram saves into one organised space.

To instal the extension, you need to be using Google Chrome as your browser. Search “Pinterest save button extension” to download and follow the steps. It’s super easy.


Use sections to organise your pins

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come across Pinterest boards that are an absolute car crash. With 4 different colour schemes mixed together next to pictures of yellow neon signs above a goat as a ring bearer, and it all gets a bit loud!

For me personally, I find it much easier to have everything organised in sections. When I’m working on designs in the early stages of planning with clients, I’ll use sections to keep each of their colour schemes together. For example, one section for white and blue, one section for green and white, and one section for orange and pink.

Then, when we get into the nuts and bolts of the planning, I create sections for each individual element. For example, one section for stationery, one for tables, one for flowers, one for décor, one for food, and so on.

Your brain will be able to process things much better in this way. It’s so easy to do too, just click the organise tool at the top of your board.


Hopefully, that’s given you some knowledge on how to use Pinterest properly for your wedding. If you’d like more, I’ll be releasing an episode of The Wedding People Podcast on this subject PLUS using Instagram properly.

That’ll be out before the end of the year, and if you’re keen to hear it, pop your email in the box below to join The Club, and I’ll send it to you instantly (when it’s uploaded). Because I know you want to get more organised with your planning!

Love Rebecca x