virtual hen do

Hosting a virtual hen do could be the answer to your prayers. Many people have had their hen dos cancelled because of coronavirus, but I’m a strong advocate for re-thinking, but not cancelling. We’re incredibly lucky that there are tons of options available to us, sometimes it’s just hard to picture. So here I’ve outlined what your virtual hen do might look like. Plus, if you’re not getting married, it’s a pretty fun day with the huns. (I had to add huns to my word dictionary for this piece if that doesn’t warn you of what’s to come I’m not sure what will).




Everyone loves an invitation, right? It’s something to get excited about! And right now, we NEED something to get excited about. If you’ve got a printer at home, some envelopes and some stamps, you could download on of the many templates on Etsy to use as your invite. But if you fancy getting a bit more creative, make something on Canva. I’ve just knocked up this pretty pink number in under five minutes. If you can’t be bothered to post them, send the virtual file on email, WhatsApp, or whatever social platform you like. If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are millions of stationery designers who would be thrilled to make something bespoke for you. If you want any recommendations, give me a shout.

virtual hen do


One of the key parts of a hen party has become the accessories. So why should this be any different for your virtual hen party? Once you know who will be there, get yourself some hen party supplies. You know the stuff, champagne glasses with your names on, sashes and inbetweeners style t-shirts. Get some décor too, some “Hen Party” balloons to hang in your room, a banner here and there, you know the drill.

virtual hen do

Get Zoom

To be honest, I don’t think it really matters what platform you use but I’ve found Zoom to be the best. If you’re going to be on the call for longer than 40 mins, which I hope you will be, someone will need to upgrade the account, or it will kick you off. It’s only £10 or so. Zoom is great for several reasons. They have mute buttons which will be your best friend through this. It’s important to not be scared of the mute button, as sometimes it’s the difference between chaos and fun.

Make sure everyone has the link in advance and understands how it works. It’s much better on a laptop or computer, and make sure you select gallery view so you can see everyone in your virtual hen do at one time.

Recommendation: Find some stills to use as call backgrounds relating to what you’re doing. If you’re doing a life drawing class, find an image of an art room. If you’re doing a pub quiz, find an image of a pub. It’s a little thing that will keep you laughing.

Send Kits

This is some hefty organising aye?! When you’re thinking about the activities for the day, send people the kits they will need to partake in your virtual hen do in advance. You can either have it all sent to your house and make kits up for each individual or get deliveries sent to each of their houses. Be safe though, please wash your hands and use gloves. Leave enough time to make sure the virus will die on the packaging or spray with anti-bac, just in case.



This is the fun part where you plan out your schedule. I’ve given you an idea outlined below, but you can swap and change any of these sections who a whole host of things.

14:30-16:00 – Bottomless Brunch

Because what hen do is complete without a bottomless brunch. Except this time, you have to cook it yourself. You can find kits which are suited to any taste and budget at the moment. If you’re in London, you can get Patty and Buns DIY kits of one of the best burgers around. Or maybe you’d prefer Pizza! Check out Olive Direct’s letterbox pizza kits for £25. You can set up your zoom so that you all cook and make your food together, or if that sounds like too much agg, just eat together with a large glass of whatever you fancy.

16:00 – 17:00 – Cocktail Making Class

Again, there are tones of local bars providing cocktail making kits perfect for your virtual hen do right now. Give your favourite bar a call and see what they can do. In this time it’s important we support small businesses, but if you do get stuck, simply put cocktail making kits into google and the world is your oyster.


17:00-18:00 – Individual chats

One of the best things about spending time with your pals are those deep and meaningful one on one conversations that make no sense because you’ve had a bottle of prosecco and six pornstar martinis. Don’t deprive the world of that, or your virtual hen do. Break up the day by coming off the group zoom, and having one to one conversations with people. House party is great for this. BUT! The key to this is remaining available. You can’t sneak off for a cheeky nap, you have to be available for your top hun.

18:00-19:30 – Life Drawing Class

This is the classiest form of nudity hen dos have to choose from; however, I’m sure live stripper shows probably do exist. Ladies Who Hen are offering online life drawing classes for £15pp, and you don’t need anything but a paper and pen! Don’t worry about having the fanciest set of pencils and a proper sketch pad, the back of a receipt and a crayon would do. No one is expecting you to be Picasso!

19:30-21:00 – Games

Again, such a staple part of a hen do is the games. Who said I love you first, when did the couple meet, what would your other half say if… etc. It only makes sense to incorporate this into your virtual hen do too. For extra fun, make a pub quiz about the bride to be with different rounds like geography but in a less traditional way. Make the answers funny, like “what holiday did (insert name) do (insert something embarrassing)” or “ In what club did (insert name) do (insert something embarrassing)”. You get the format…

To really step your games up, why not ask a Drag Queen to host for you? I messaged one of my favs, Dolly Trolley on Instagram and she’s up for hosting all your quizzes! I mean… what could be better….

21:00- Whenever you crash – Live Music

So you can’t go to your favourite club or bar for your virtual hen? No worries! We’ll bring it to you! Tones of bands and artists are doing lives on Instagram, YouTube, and all sorts at the moment. To finish off your fun-filled day, tune into some live music. My favourite bar Piano Works are streaming several times a week, or if that’s not your vibe, Radiohead is showing live footage every Thursday at 10. Did you all go to a festival together a few years ago? Find a live recording of it on YouTube and get everyone to tune in.

The reality is if your hen do has had to be cancelled, that sucks and I’m sorry you can’t be in the same room as your favourite people. But we are physical distancing, not social distancing. I hope this has given you a few ideas of how you can still have a wicked day, if you need a hand with planning, give me a shout. If the timeline above doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can sub any of them out for the items below:

  • Dolly Trolley Drag Aerobics Class
  • Watch Netflix together and have a slumber party
  • Watch a theatre show on YouTube
  • Watch a comedy sketch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Yoga Session
  • Gin tasting
  • BBQ (If you get good weather!)
  • Flower crown making
  • Macramé making
  • Virtual Bake Off
  • Nipple tassel making!
  • The opportunities are endless!


Love Rebecca x