Getting Married in September

Are you getting married in September and a bit concerned about the impact coronavirus might have on your wedding? Let’s be honest, how can you not be. If you’re anything like me, your Instagram and Facebook feeds will currently be full of upset couples and confused suppliers, moving all their weddings to AW and 2021.

It’s undoubtedly a scary time for all of us. The financial pressure which many of us are facing is completely unprecedented. Even if you’re super safe in your job, it would be hard to not have that niggling feeling that it might all crash. You’re right to be concerned, that just shows that you’re a normal human being. But it’s equally important not to make any rushed decisions.

People are postponing because of two reasons in my experience. 1. Because they know we’ll still be in lockdown (March and April couples). Or 2. Because they don’t want the stress and pressure of “will it be banned, won’t it be banned” looming over them (May, June, and some July couples). You clearly don’t sit in the first category yet, but the second one might be something to think about.

I can’t tell you “Yes, you should go ahead”, or “No, you should reschedule”, because I don’t have that answer. No one does.  But what I can tell you is at the moment, it looks like you’ll be OK. The situation is changing so quickly, so, unfortunately, the main thing you need to do is sit tight and see where we are in a few week’s time.

It’s rare that you’ll have things to do for your wedding now which absolutely cannot wait for three weeks. I would suggest that you take some time off your planning. Take your foot off the gas for just a bit, and see what happens. This won’t be catastrophic to your planning, and it will give you some time and space to think clearly. We’re all at risk of becoming little pressure cookers. This isn’t good for your mental health, and won’t help you make good choices. Just chill as much as you can, and see where we are in a few week’s time.

One thing you can do it touch base with your suppliers. I’ve said this before, but knowledge is power in this situation. The more informed you are the better. Take a bit of time to reach out to your suppliers and ask them where they would stand if you did decide to postpone.

In summary, at the moment, I personally think it’s too early for couples who are getting married in August and September to be postponing. However, if it would make you feel more comfortable doing so, then you should consider it.

You are only human. You can only make the best decision at the time based on the information you have in front of you at the time.

You got this.


If you need a hand, or just want to chat. Give me a shout. I’ve broken down my services into much smaller more cost-effective chunks which you might find useful.

Love Rebecca x