So often, the thought of writing your wedding to do list is so overwhelming because you think it’s going to be really long and difficult. I bet you’ll find that as you get into it and start ticking things off, it will be no where near as scary as you originally thought. Here are a few tips which I’ve collated over the years from several different brides!

Chose a method

Finding the way that works and makes sense for you is really important here. If you still live a life where you can write everything down in beautiful handwriting and still manage to make sense of it, I salute you. I, a dyslexic person who would lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on, use Asana. Asana to me is the most beautiful project management tool, which allows you to separate each task, in a really easy to view way. I’m constantly trying to do things which allow me to not think. If I log in I don’t even have to think about what to do, it just tells me and then I do it. This works for me when managing lots of wedding to do lists.

This is the tool I use for planning my clients weddings. I start with a project board, like the below, and make each heading a category, like catering, production, décor, stationery. Then under that, I write everything I need to do. Then tick it off when it’s done and a unicorn appears. Who could possible protest to that.

What do you have to do

It might feel like right now you can do everything on your wedding to do list, but in a few months time if work gets really busy or you’re struggling with motivation, you’ll be thankful that you’ve identified where other people can help you.

I always find that around weddings family and friends are more than happy to pitch in, so even though you have to create the guest list, someone else can help you with writing all 150 envelopes. Make a night of it, get some pizza and maybe a bottle of wine, and watch the handwriting get progressively worse…


What’s easy?

One of the most common causes of overwhelm is the to do list. I know if just told you to write it all out, but once you’ve actually done that, just looking at that list can cause minor heart palpitations. But don’t panic, it will all get done. Especially if you can enforce step two.

Another way to get over the overwhelm is to work out what on your list is the easiest thing to do, and do that. Just start doing the really baby jobs, buy stamps, look on Pinterest, email a venue. Once you start making your way through the easy things, you’ll probably find enough momentum would have build up to start tackling the bigger things.


Know your deadlines

As an planner, I can’t even tell you how much missing deadlines makes my blood boil. You’d have thought I’d be used to it by now, but Oh my God when a client misses a stationery cut off and doesn’t understand the consequences… eye twitch.

Whilst everything is calm, write yourself out a timeline. This is another reason why Asana is so great. If you plot in the deadlines, it will literally flash at you when you have to do that thing. If you can’t get on board with that, use a simple excel doc, or paper diary, or Outlook Calendar, whatever works for you. But PLEASE DON’T INFURIATE YOUR SUPPLIERS. They will love you extra if you do everything on time.

Do you have any tips from your own experience of your wedding to do list? Leave a comment or get in touch!


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