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venue visits
Are you about to start viewing venues for your wedding? I’ve been on hundreds of site visits for weddings and […]
So… you’ve just got engaged but have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been engaged for a while, […]
arctic monkeys in black and white
Recently I’ve been noticing more and more couples opting to not have a first dance. In fact, I don’t think […]
Elevating experiences. Those two words are written at the top of my whiteboard and are the reason why I do […]
It’s important we all do our bit toward fighting this virus. It’s so important that we all stay at home […]
Getting Married in September
Are you getting married in September and a bit concerned about the impact coronavirus might have on your wedding? Let’s […]
autumnal bridal table uk
In such an overcrowded market, how do you get an events job in London? There are so many different routes […]