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Elevating experiences. Those two words are written at the top of my whiteboard and are the reason why I do […]
Pinterest properly for your wedding
How do you feel about Pinterest? Do you find it inspiring, but overwhelming? Confusing but addicting? Messy but b e […]
diversity in business
When I was younger, I found it hard to get into the event industry. I was full of passion, drive, […]
wedding planner in Kent
Are Wedding Planners for the Elite? It always intrigues me to find out what people think wedding planners actually do. […]
the times Rebecca Brennan brown
On the 13th of July I was featured in The Times to discuss the responsibility of business owners moving forwards. […]
virtual hen do
Hosting a virtual hen do could be the answer to your prayers. Many people have had their hen dos cancelled […]
Back at ya with more Covid-Conent. We’re in such strange times at the moment that is full of anxiety and […]
It’s important we all do our bit toward fighting this virus. It’s so important that we all stay at home […]
Getting Married in September
Are you getting married in September and a bit concerned about the impact coronavirus might have on your wedding? Let’s […]
Hi huns! TBH, I’m sorry you’re even looking at this page. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. It […]