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Are Wedding Planners for the Elite?

It always intrigues me to find out what people think wedding planners actually do. A lot like weddings in films, wedding planners aren’t really like they are in the movies. I’m sure images of J-Lo with a headset and heels are springing to your mind.

I wondered what people thought, and if having a wedding planner is generally seen as something “elite” or expensive, i.e. not for the everyday person. Sure, there are some planners that cost the same amount as the deposit I’ve just put down on our new house, but we’re not all like that.

So to find out if my suspicions had any similarity to reality, I took to The Wedding People Instagram. If you don’t know, I co-host a Podcast where we coach couples through their planning. Consequently, we’ve built up an Instagram following of over 1600 people planning their weddings, which is a great place to ask questions and get feedback.

I put up a few polls around the cost of suppliers and asked how much the audience think they cost. For planners, the options were:
Less than 2k
£2-4k (My fees sit here most of the time)
Or £6+

As expected, the majority of people selected £4-6k, or £6k+. I would describe my service as mid-market. I don’t work with the cheapest of the cheap, but I also have no interest in overly elaborate extravagant celebrants that quite frankly look like someone just did it for a show of wealth. A lot of my peers and colleagues work in the mid-market too, and there are only a few cases where we would charge more (multiple days, travel abroad, thousands of people).

So what has made us think that a wedding planner is a luxury? Is it films and media?

The average wedding spend in the UK is £27,000. That’s a house deposit, but you wouldn’t buy a house without estate agents, mortgage advisers, and other professional services to help you. Same with buying a car, you wouldn’t try to build the car yourself. When spending a large amount of money, it’s human nature to seek advice and verification.

I’m still not quite sure why wedding planning is any different. Maybe because it’s fun and people want to do it themselves, which I understand.

Perhaps it’s considered unnecessary, which again I understand. You can plan a wedding yourself, but you can’t make 150 meals, indicating the caterer is more important. But in that example, if you plan your wedding yourself, you are getting the homemade version.

And there’s nothing wrong with the homemade version if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re concerned about the logistics, pulling everything together, forgetting something, know that weddings planners aren’t just for the elite, we’re for you too.

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