Wedding Planner
in London & Home Counties


I’m Rebecca Brennan-Brown, a Wedding Planner, Podcast host, and stylist across London and the Home Counties. I studied Art and Design at The University of the Creative Arts and started my career in corporate events, which allows a seamless marriage between logistical planning and design.

I love what I do. It’s such a big part of my life, but sometimes I do have a life outside of work. I live in Kent and work mainly in London, but have a strong tie to Glasgow. My Mum is Scottish so I do my best to visit as often as I can. 

I can be won over with Thai food and a good (not always good) bottle of wine. I have a real passion for travel and music, but I swear everyone says that… My official name is Lady Rebecca Brennan-Brown, but that’s a story for later…


It’s important to me that my values match yours, as that’s ultimately what will make our relationship work (or not!)


It’s incredible important to me that you feel you can be honest with me, and equally that I can be honest with you too. If you’re not keen on something, I want to know. For a lot of people their wedding is a really nerve wracking experience, and I try to minimalize those nerves by creating trust.


If you’re looking for rock bottom prices, I’m not going to be the person for you. I believe that quality prevails, and if something is too cheap, there’s a reason. This doesn’t mean that I won’t get you the absolute best value for money, more that I won’t sell you a donkey as a horse.


I believe that your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple, whatever that means to you. I love it when people decided to do something a bit out of the norm. One of the ways I tend to know if people are my people is by their choice of first dance song. I’ve had Fleetwood Mac, Pet Shop Boys, Bloc Party, and Arctic Monkeys. Never Ed Sheeran.

What makes me


I’ve been working in this industry for nearly 10 years, which means I’ve seen all sorts. 

From London galleries to band new venues to beaches in Costa Rica, I’ve worked across a huge variety of different spaces and different circumstances.

I studied Art and Design at The University for the Creative Arts, which is where the foundation of my styling knowledge comes from.