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By RBB is a collection of projects and ventures run by Rebecca Brennan-Brown. A wedding planner in Kent, corporate planner across London, and Podcast host, Rebecca always has several things on her plate.

As a truly seasoned event professional, Rebecca does more than plan events. With nearly a decade of experience across many different sectors, Rebecca has worked her way from assistant to director, and now turning her side hustle into a full-time gig.

Rebecca has an education in Art and Design from the University of the creative arts, which allows a seamless marriage between design and ascetics to logistics and planning.

Rebecca prides herself on her ability to get sh*t done, and find solutions to problems. After all, the sign of a good event & wedding planner is not how well plan "A" goes, but how quickly they can come up with, and execute plan F.

Now, due to the creation of The Wedding People, a realistic chat show about wedding planning, by RBB has been created to house Rebecca’s current ventures and work under one roof.

rebecca brennan-brown in lavender field

Things that I am obsessed with

Abba: They will never get old and if you disagree you are wrong.

My dog Treacle: She's a Bearded Collie, see pic below

Natural tones: my favourite looks are always simple but stylish

Texture: The more the better.

Jamie Dornan: I know it's cliche, but look at the man for God sake.

Podcasts: All of them. I bloody love a good podcast.

Stationery: My boyfriend pulls me quickly away from the notebook sections in all shops

Mexican Food: I don't think I need to explain to you the yummy goodness of burritos

Aperol Spritz: Summer or winter, gimme.

Comfy Dressing Gowns: Even in the summer, good luck trying to pull me away.

Flowers: In another life, I'm pretty sure I should have been a florist. I'm shit at it but I love flowers.

Here's the less formal bit

I love what I do, it's such a large part of my life, but I do have a life outside of work (sometimes). I would describe myself as a wedding planner in Kent, Surrey and London, corporate planner across London, and all sorts of other things.

I love this area, but I have a strong tie to Glasgow. My Mum is Scottish, so I do my best to visit a few times a year. I don't know if it's the accent or what, but I love it there.

I really enjoy doing anything creative, but I'm also a bit of a nature freak. I can't wait to get stuck into creating a BBQ worthy garden for summer. My perfect Sunday morning is spent walking my dog Treacle, especially if I've been out with my other love the night before, cocktails.

I can be won over with Thai food and a good (not always good) bottle of wine (Fraser, if you're reading this, take note). I have a real passion for travel, sometimes that might mean backpacking!

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