get to know me…

Rebecca Brennan-Brown

It sounds lame, but such a huge part of working with a planner is trust. You have to trust they’ll be your eyes and ears, deal with things appropriately and trust their skills/experience. 

But to trust someone, you have to know them. Hopefully this page will give you a good idea of who I am!


I’ve worked in weddings & events since I was 16. I started as an assistant, and worked my way up to Creative Director of a well known London agency. 

In 2019, took this business full time, and have enjoyed every minute of it, pandemic and all. 

I studied art & design at UCA which provided an invaluable base for wedding design.

I love a challenge. From beaches in Costa Rica to 900 people in London, it all gives me a buzz!

why I chose this job

When I was 15, I chaired the school prom committee and organised a James Bond themed summer ball, and since then I’ve never wanted to do anything else. 

It’s the nuts and bolts of the planning I enjoy the most. To me everything is like a giant puzzle that I have to work out. 

But mixing that with getting to know some wicked couples and make their days into realities, that’s what I love. Normally after two or three meets, and a few more glasses of wine, I start to really understand who you are and what you’re about. That’s when the fun really starts.

outside of work

I live in Kent with my partner Fraser, and work partly from our home office, and partly from my London base. 

Treacle, my dog, is my favourite thing on the planet. Taking her for a long walk or bike ride and ending up in a pub is pretty much my perfect Sunday. 

I love music, and am constantly told off for playing The Cure, Fleetwood Mac and Arctic Monkeys on repeat. 

Going our for food with friends and good wine makes my soul happy, and is the quickest way to my heart!

things I love

Just in case I’m coming off as a miserable sod, here are some things I love…

  • Perfectly timed confetti shots
  • Dry hire venues
  • Cool first dance songs (Pet Shop Boys has been my fav so far)
  • Dried flowers, particularly pampas grass
  • Ditching things you don’t get (cake, first dance, favours, anything you’re not keen on)
  • Song request cards. Always a winner.

things I hate

I often tell my couples that sometimes it’s easier to start with what you don’t like, so here’s a list of mine:

  • Chair bows
  • Too much icky cringey stuff. Romance is needed and important, just in a way that doesn’t make you want to shield your eyes.
  • Flowers with diamonds in them
  • Generally glitter, unless it’s Christmas or tasteful
  • Thinking Out Loud as a first dance song. It’s fine but we can honestly all do better.