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If you’re not a corporate event organiser, but need to plan an event, I’ve started writing a series of articles […]
Micklefield Hall London wedding venue
How to keep your wedding guests cool As I write this blog post on how to keep your wedding guests […]
So often, the thought of writing your wedding to do list is so overwhelming because you think it’s going to […]
autumnal bridal table uk
In such an overcrowded market, how do you get an events job in London? There are so many different routes […]
Annnnd we’re live. Actually, we went live on the 6th of June, I’ve just been bloody busy. Launching this business […]
rebecca brennan-brown in lavender field
This post started as an Instagram pic, and you guys loved it. It’s one of the most highly engaged posts […]
natural festival wedding
We all know event planning is hard, but then there’s the event team management bit. To me, planning is pre-event, […]