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ie no chair bows or Ed Sheeran songs.

About RBB

I love Abba, Thai food, and my dog Treacle. I’ve worked in this industry for nearly 10 years, from Costa Rica to London and anywhere in-between. 

How I Help You


Big ideas are great, but they need to actually happen in practice.

Supplier sourcing

Helping you spot the cowboys and get straight to the good guys.


Not sure what you like but definitely know what you hate? Perfect. Let’s chat.

on the day 

I’ll be there to make sure it all goes swimmingly, leaving you to have a great time.

A Word From Rebecca

If you’ve made it this far, I can only assume you’re getting married. In which case, congratulations. 

Wedding planning is hard, and it’s not always what it’s hyped it to be. Some people love it, and some people hate it. I am obviously one of those who loves wedding planning, as otherwise I’d have made a pretty questionable career choice. 

You wedding should have character, and be a reflection of you as a couple. That means something different to everyone, so I don’t offer packages. Everything I do is bespoke to you, and that’s why I chose to go down the route of being a more alternative wedding planner.

What it shouldn’t be is a stress. I always say I don’t know how to do your job, so why would you know how to do mine?!

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