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I’m a planner living in Kent, working in London & the UK. I plan both weddings and events, and love doing so dearly. 

Because my work is busy, I have a simple personal life. I love Thai food, my dog treacle, and thanks to my brother’s 21st Birthday present, am official Lady Brennan-Brown.

I’m going to stop writing this now as it’s sounding a bit like a Tinder bio…


process driven planning

Featured in Cosmopolitan, The Times, C&IT, The Telegraph, & more

I’m a planner at heart, in everything I do. 

From weddings to awards shows, I’ve done this for a long time. Fun is my biggest motivator in life, so I’ve spent 10 years perfecting processes which are fun but also get things done.


consultancy & writing

I use my experience to help other businesses achieve their goals.

I’ve helped venues with their sales processes, given comments for magazines and newspapers, and really enjoy doing so.

Carefully Curated Content

I treat my blog a bit like a magazine. You’ll fine all sorts here from press features to recipes to planning tips.

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