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I’m a planner living in Kent, working in London & the UK. I plan both weddings and events, and love doing so dearly. 

Because my work is busy, I have a simple personal life. I love Thai food, my dog treacle, and thanks to my brother’s 21st Birthday present, am official Lady Brennan-Brown.

I’m going to stop writing this now as it’s sounding a bit like a Tinder bio…

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I’ve worked with some wicked people over the years
Here’s what some of them have said about working with me.

“We couldn’t have had our wedding day without Rebecca. Aside from the transparently smooth co-ordination of the day, she made the lead up a real joy. Encouraging us when we were unsure, and reassuring us throughout.”

Glenn & Francesca Coomber

“Rebecca was amazing and guided us through all the small intricate details. She assured us every step on the way and helped us with the confusing choices. Her creative input made us relax and enjoy our wedding day.”

Andrea & Mac Smith

“I cannot put into words what an amazing job Rebecca did in helping us to plan our wedding. Her warm, genuine and sunny nature balanced with true professionalism made her a pleasure to work with.”

Hannah & Adam Hamid

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