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Precisely Planned

Rebecca Brennan-Brown is an event planner and wedding coordinator.

"I created my company out of frustration at the inefficiency and lack of creativity in the event and wedding industry. I struggled for years to find a planner who could create a logistically seamless event whilst simultaneously being beautifully styled.

So decided to do it myself after nearly a decade in the event planning industry.

Now, I aim to help my clients and add value through planning and styling."

"I cannot put into words what an amazing job Rebecca did in helping us to plan our wedding. Her warm, genuine and sunny nature balanced with true professionalism made her a pleasure to work with. On top of this, she was always on the other end of the phone when I needed her. She even provided moral support during my pre-wedding panic attacks! We couldn't have had the amazing day that we did without Rebecca's help, and we can't thank her enough for that."

Hannah Mills, August 2018

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Stylish and Effective Event Planning

"by Rebecca Brennan-Brown" was formed in 2019 and offers services of event management across the UK. Rebecca has been an event planner for nearly a decade and offers a flexible service to all clients. Whether you're looking for logistical planning for a corporate event in London or a wedding planner who can bring it all together, Rebecca can give you a hand.

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"Getting married the second time was a challenging experience. Rebecca was amazing and having her to guide us through the small intricate details made planning our wedding an enjoyable experience. She assured us every step on the way and helped us with the difficult sometimes confusing choices.
Her creative inputs on the wedding day: the way she precisely organised every single detail that made us relax and enjoy our wedding celebrations and our guests had fun. Thank you and I would highly recommend Rebecca's wedding planning services."

Andrea Smith, October 2019

This or that?

Wedding Coordinator

I love corporate events, however, I love being a wedding coordinator too. Anyone can plan a wedding, but a wedding coordinator will be able to help you to create a more refined version of your vision. Sometimes that means knowing you meant to order gerberas even though you told the florist giant daisies. Planners know the things to look out for, how to bring it all together and make the puzzle fit.

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Event planner

Events aren’t pointless. They always have KPIs. It might not be as simple as needing to sell 300 tickets. It could be customer engagement increasing as a result, increased brand awareness, or simply to have a room full of your best customers with smiling faces. Defining your event KPIs are key to ensuring their success.

I pair the logistical practical thinking necessary for the mechanics of an event with proven expertise in concept and design. The marriage of these elements creates a memorable and successful event.

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